Laser removal of skin tumors


Laser can remove small skin tumors from the skin. First the tumor is numbed with carbocaine. Then it is ablated with the laser. The laser seals blood vessels, seals nerve endings and sterilizes the area as it works. Many pets do not need to be sedated or anesthetized for this procedure. This method is ideal for pets that need to have problematic tumors removed, but also need to avoid general anesthesia.

Allergy testing


We offer intradermal allergy testing, the gold standard for determining the cause of environmental allergies. We offer a complete and extensive allergy panel tailored to pets that live in the Midwest. The test includes pollens, fabrics, danders and insects.

Video Otoscopy

video otoscopy

We have special equipment to allow us to diagnose and treat conditions of the external and middle ear. The video otoscope provides a magnified image of the ear and eardrum. This is useful for external ear problems such as: tumors, cysts and foreign bodies. It is also useful for middle ear problems such as: otitis media and primary secretory otitis media. We perform myringotomies, bulla cultures and bulla flushing. We are able to remove small ear tumors with laser.

Skin biopsies with advanced interpretation

Dermatologists have specialized training in histopathology. We are trained to know what layers of the skin are most likely to be affected by certain diseases. We are trained to know what biopsies are supposed to look like under the microscope. This advanced knowledge helps us make the most out of the skin sample and increases the odds of achieving a diagnosis. Most patients do not require anesthesia or even sedation for biopsy procedures.